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Sculpfun New Arrival Laser Engraver-iCube Series

- 3W / 5W Options
- 32-bit motherboard 10000mm/min high-Speed Engraving
- Built-in temperature alarm function
- Unique semi-open structure design
- Support mobile phone APP & computer connection
- With smoke filtration system


Material Package 1 (102pcs)

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Material Package 2 (72pcs)

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Material Package 3 (102pcs)

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Material Package 4 (105pcs)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the shipping days?
A1: Shipping Days: Usually, It takes 1-3 business days for shipment (except for pre-order products). For more details, please check the shipping policy.
Q2: How do I apply the sitewide discount when I place the order?
A2: Automatically deducted at checkout once your order meets the term of discount.
Q3: What are the shipping fee and customs duties?
A3: Shipping is free in most areas, Australia and the UK need $50 shipping fee. Some remote areas are required some shipping fees.
Items shipped from overseas warehouses are no need to pay customs duties. Items shipped from China warehouses will be charged some customs duties, the amount depends on local policies.
Q4: Is the LightBurn software GCode permanently valid?
A4: The license key has an expiry date - a year from when you first activate it. When it expires, it's still valid, you just don't get updates any more. If you download a version of the software released after your license expires, it won't work, but any version released before the key expired will continue to work.
Q5: What is the best option for upgrading the S9 machine?
A5: There are new arrivals: S9 to S30 Ultra 22W/33W upgrade kit.
Please check: 22W
Q6: How can I download the Free Design Files?
A6: SCULPFUN provides that. Please check: Free Design Files.