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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the rules by going to the Rewards in the lower right corner!

No, you can choose an optimal one!

First please click on the Rewards  in the lower right corner.  You can view the points acquisition history in your activity!You can view the points redemption history in your rewards!

You can check the points redemption history in your rewards! Choose the discount you want and copy the redemption discount code to use in the checkout process.

First login

When we log in to our website for the first time, there will be a prompt for registration/login information. Click on registration/login to notice that the first registration can earn 100 points for free.

View Path

In the bottom right corner of the website, Rewards can view your point information.

Detailed Information

When you click on Rewards, you will see detailed information about all your members, including your points, redemption conditions, and how to obtain points

Automatic Prompt

When you add a product and enter the add purchase page, we will remind you that there are still unused coupons

Easy To Use

When you have already copied the discount code for redeeming points, the discount code will be automatically filled in when making a purchase, and you can cancel the selection of the optimal solution without manual operation